No Flushing Rezoning

Demand that the City Council says NO to the Special Flushing Waterfront District rezoning.

Real estate developers are spending millions of dollars lobbying our City Council to rezone the Flushing waterfront.

They want to rezone 29 acres of waterfront to build 1,700+ luxury condos, high-end hotels, retail stores, and office spaces. We know this will only hike up already-unaffordable rents, inviting gentrification and displacing even more working-class people from Flushing.

After the 2008 financial crisis, Flushing residents were spending 34 percent of their income on rent. The average tenant had less than $500 after paying rent. In 2020, the average Flushing resident is spending more than 60 percent of their income on rent.

We must stop the rezoning, stop the development, and stop the displacement of working class people from Flushing.

We are calling on the City Council to vote NO on rezoning Flushing.

Take action today.